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The Dubbo Dazzlers by Joy Hruby

The Dubbo Dazzlers by Joy Hruby
The Dubbo Dazzlers was Joy Hruby's first publication. Joy grew up in the NSW central western town of Dubbo and became part of The Dubbo Dazzlers - a singing troupe comprising four girls who met teaching Sunday school!
In 2003, she published their story in a book about her childhood days in rural New South Wales, The Dubbo Dazzlers - Memoirs of Four Young Girls During the Second World War. The Dubbo Dazzlers was reprinted in 2006, and is being turned into a film script.
You show a genuine feeling for the characters who light up every page.
Tom Thompson, Publisher
A refreshing and elegant tale of rustic war-time.
Justin Fleming, writer
It brings a country town in war-time Australia to live.
Peter Yeldeham, author, scriptwriter
I am extremely interested to see the novel published and to have the opportunity of reassessing the potential for a film. The subject matter is terrific.
Anthoy Buckley, Producer (Caddie, The Irishman)
It has all the ingredients for a lively, funny, poignant and successful film
George Whaley, Director (Harp in the South, Poor Man's Orange...)
The theme has great charm and offers real potential for a mini-series combining comedy, drama and musical components
ABC Drama Department

Author Hruby, Joy
Published 2003
Reprinted 2007
Publisher Broadway, N.S.W. : Breakout Design & Print, 2003
Description     288 p. ; 21 cm
ISBN 0975094807

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