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Joy's World episode

Tea for Three

from Joy's World viewer

G Powning
Tea for Three
Tea for Three
Two's company. so they say.
Add another and they get in the way.
Discourse may be quite enthralling
but added people can get galling.
Oh for a lovely cup of cha.
Makes your spirits what you are.
Banish teabags and all their ilk.
Mine with sugar and some milk.
Camellia is our favourite genus.
On our tongues it shall never menace
the taste buds of our delectation.
The one true beverage of our nation.
Bawdy Bacchus can have his vine
but tea can win at any time.
Liptons, Twinings and all things herbal
please the senses and all that's verbal.
China may have abundant crops
but Russian Caravan can be tops.
Stir the pot and all things leafy.
Boiling water can be "Iffy".
Tea relations can get strained.
Only when the pourer's blamed.
So come the three of us,
Let's ado without fuss.
Conquer discord and outrageous enmi-tea.
Always toast the blessed trini-tea.
G. Powning 11/11/09