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Susan Liebert, Singer/Songwriter

Susan Liebert Wade was born in Waverley, NSW. She grew up with four sisters in Coogee and Randwick. It was a happy family singing around the piano. She learnt piano and ballet as a child.
She studied pharmacy at Sydney University and while she was there, performed in the Uni Revue. She studied jazz piano with Roy Maling. This opened the world of harmony she had been seeking through her teenage years.
Marrying a pharmacist in 1956, she moved ot Newcastle then Lismore where in 1961 their son was born. While there she had three lessons with James Christianson, then back in Sydney in 1964 with Elsie Findlay, studying the coloratura repetoire.
Susan was inspired by the book and wrote 'Hand Me Down Child' which won her The Captain Cook Arts Prize for Music in 1970. S he appeared in 'New Faces' and 'Search for a Star' and was acclaimed by Toni Lamond and Bernard.
Susan's professional singing was confined ot being a soloist in the Christian Science Church while she continued to write Children's Songs, gospel and humorous songs, culminating in collaboration with Mary Branagan, to write the two act musical 'People like you'
Now resident in Salamander Bay, NSW, she plans to work with children teaching them singing and music theory through a fun approach. Her recent song to Bob's Farm school was enjoyed by students but the old songs of her parent's day she still holds dear and hope to share through her program.

People like you {lyrics}

There ought to be more people like you
more people who give so willingly to people like me
It's plain to see, with people like you
Folk have a better break to take to people like me.
Your caring smile makes working worthwhile
When pressure's on you carry on through every trial
You're really great, I appreciate
you've got the goods for what it takes to make
people like me like people like you
I'll say it again, because it's honest and true
most definitely, for people like me
the world's a great spot. because it's got people like you.
I hope you agree with people like me
Life has so much more in store, with people like you.
Quite possibly, people like me, don't find the time
to be kind to people like you
Life can shoot past, and then at last,
we find we've missed our chances to say
what it has meant, for a friend, heaven-sent
who comes to help us on our way
So all people like me join together again
To sing and shout this happy refrain
Incidentally for people like me
just with your mirth you're the salt of the earth
to people like me, for people like me
need all those people like you
© Susan Liebert